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Pure Air Solutions provides a quality Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) management service. Our comprehensive service employs state of the art technology to manage the quality of your indoor air, including robotic visual inspection cameras and specialised duct cleaning equipment.

Quality Air

QUESTION: Do I really need my Air Conditioning system professionally cleaned?

ANSWER: You can't afford not to!

According to many experts, dust contains: mold, pollen, viruses, skin flakes, pet hair, organic matter, bacteria, textile fibres, dust mite and residue from chemicals an household products.

Many of the above allergy triggers are present in air ducts. Indoor air can be up to 70% more polluted than outdoor air. Advantages of clean ductwork in your home or business can be substantial. The NEMI ( National Energy Management Institute) reports that, " Benefits of improved indoor air quality are so large that this opportunity cannot be ignored…"

These include:

1. A healthy and safe environment for all occupants
2. Preventing the chance of costly litigation
3. Reduced absenteeism due to illness
4. Increased productivity
5. Increased energy savings
6. Decreased Green House Gas emissions
7. Longevity of mechanical systems equipment
8. Reduced fire hazards
9. Reduce excessive amounts of dust inside the office or home
10. Eliminate musty odors when operating the air conditioning
11. Improve uneven temperatures from room to room

Is your House Killing you; as seen on SBS - View the entire episode

Is Your House Killing You? is an entertaining scientific makeover show about toxics in the home. It once and for all separates the facts from the filth and provides valuable tips and tricks for the viewer.

In this era of cocooning, creating a retreat from the world has become an intense focus of our lives. We spend most of our time indoors. But in creating this haven, little do we know that there is a parallel universe within that is more toxic than the one we’re trying to escape.